AeroCluster Portugal

Aerocluster PortugalAeroCluster Portugal is an organization of companies of the aerospace supply chain aligned to provide an integrated and multidisciplinary answer to the challenges of the Clean Sky 2 programme.

With more than 1255 highly specialized professionals and a well-qualified workforce - based in PhD and MSC education, training and efficient platforms to support R&D strategy - AeroCluster Portugal aims to gather the excellence of the Portuguese industry for international aerospace projects.

Our greatest assets are the technical expertise and competences of our professionals and the members’ previous experience in aerospace and in collaboration projects.  Our involvement include competences in structures and materials, advanced manufacturing, industrial engineering; systems integration and simulation, test and structural analysis, and the application of new and cutting edge technologies for existing and next-generation aerospace systems.

With a wide range of capabilities, we can harness our considerable knowledge in specialized products, services and technologies to supply high-value to the global aviation industry.
The members’ combined turnover exceeds 135M€ and represents over 665 direct highly specialized jobs working on different areas of expertise in the academic, research and industrial fields.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision: To achieve recognition as a leading aeronautical industrial cluster and as a model of development created through industrial collaboration in the EU setting.

Our Mission: AeroCluster Portugal has as its main goal the promotion and consolidation of a national cluster for competitiveness, innovation and technology. We want to contribute with Portuguese industry skills for the aeronautic future and to promote and foster cooperation between companies and organizations with a view to respond to new aeronautic challenges through the participation in CleanSky2, and other European projects.
Vision & Mission

AeroCluster Capabilities

Aircraft structure, Materials and Manufacturing Technologies

- Mechanical Design Analysis
- Stress Analysis
- Electrical and Mechanical Design
  and Integration
- Damage Tolerance and Fatigue Analysis
- Smart Structures
- Materials and Processes
   (Metallic & Composite)
- Aerostructure Manufacturing & Assembly
   (Metallic & Composite)
- Manufacturing Engineering
- Tooling Design and Manufacturing
- Structural Testing

CFD & Flight Physics

- Aerodynamics
- Loads and Aeroelasticity

Interior Cabin

- Conceptual Design
- Ergonomics

System And Simulation

- Avionics (IMA)
- Communication Systems (CNS/ATM)
- Specification and Design
- System Engineering and Development
- Integration and V&V
- Electronic and Software
- Electromechanical System
- Modeling and Simulation

System Testing and Certification

- System Test Bench and Tools Development
- NDT of Aerostructures
- Material Qualification
- Test & Certification

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

- Unmanned Tactical and Experimental
  Aerial Vehicles 
- Mission Control Software and Commercial